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GFD-Dennou Club Library Packages
for Debian/GNU Linux


Fujitsu ver.5 (ffc5) Intel ver.8.1 (ifc8.1) Intel ver.9 (ifc9) GNU Fortran77 (g77)
Debian version sarge sarge sarge sarge
Fortran90 compiler installer package ffc-5.0 (1CPU), ffcpara-5.0 (2CPU)
Fortran77 dcl(ver. 5.3.1) dcl-ffc5 dcl-ifc8.1 dcl-ifc9 dcl-g77
Fortran90 dcl (ver. 5.2) dcl-f90-ffc5 dcl-f90-ifc9

Installation by using apt

Add following statements to /etc/apt/sources.list.

deb ftp://www.gfd-dennou.org/library/cc-env/Linux/debian-dennou stable/
deb-src ftp://www.gfd-dennou.org/library/cc-env/Linux/debian-dennou stable/

And then use apt-get command to install packages as follows;

# apt-get install dcl-ffc5

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