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Reproduction experiments of Held and Zhao (2008)

This page describes the results done by dcpam5-plane of follow-up experimetns of Held and Zhao (2008) where radiative-convective equilibria of a moist atmosphere on a f-plane are calculated.

  1. Results
  2. Reference


Resolution Precipitation Surface pressure Horizontal velocity amplitude
P119Q119L24 hz08_P119Q119L24_Rain_360day.png hz08_P119Q119L24_Ps_360day.png hz08_P119Q119L24_hvel_360day.png
P59Q59L24 hz08_P59Q59L24_Rain_360day.png hz08_P59Q59L24_Ps_360day.png hz08_P59Q59L24_hvel_360day.png
P29Q29L24 hz08_P29Q29L24_Rain_360day.png hz08_P29Q29L24_Ps_360day.png hz08_P29Q29L24_hvel_360day.png


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