Mars experiment


Model description

  • Primitive equation system
  • Mars atmosphere radiation model
  • Turbulent mixing (Mellor and Yamada (1982) level 2.5)
  • Surface flux (Beljaars and Holtslag, 1991)
  • Simple land model (bucket model, soil heat diffusion)
  • Convective adjustment (e.g., Manabe et al., 1965)

Setting and result

MGS scenario, T21L36

Visualization program & scripts


  • Forget, F., Y. Wanherdrick, and S. R. Lewis (2001), Validation of the Mars General Circulation Model and Climate Database with new spacecraft observations, in Work Package 7, Tech. Note 11369/95/NL/JG, Eur. Space Agency, Paris. (Available at <URL:>.)
  • Forget, F., F. Hourdin, R. Fournier, C. Hourdin, and O. Talagrand (1999), Improved general circulation models of the Martian atmosphere from the surface to above 80 km, J. Geophys. Res., 104, 24155.