Mars tracer experiment


  • A following option is given at compilation

Model description

  • Primitive equation system
    • Semi-Lagrangian tracer transport
  • Mars atmosphere radiation model
  • Turbulent mixing (Mellor and Yamada (1982) level 2.5)
  • Surface flux (Beljaars and Holtslag, 1991)
  • Simple land model (bucket model, soil heat diffusion)
  • Non-convective condensation (Le Treut and Li, 1991)
  • Convective adjustment (e.g., Manabe et al., 1965)
  • Cloud model for Mars (advection, turbulent mixing, and gravitational sedimentation are considered.)
    • Cloud ice particle radius is assumed.
  • Dust distribution: MGS scenario (Forget et al., 2001)
  • Used data

Visualization program & scripts