Deepconv/arare installation guide

  1. Operation Environment
  2. Required Softwares
  3. How to Build
  4. Major files and directories in source tree

Operation Environment

This program is operated by following compilers.

Notes about some compilers that are done the operation check or have done are as follows. Read it through if the following operation check doesn't go well, because it is likely to apply about other compilers.

Required Softwares

netCDF (version 3.6.x)
MPI library

Software Requirements for developers

Following softwares should be installed for modification of source code and generation of documents. (But if you get tar.gz package, documentations are already generated).

How to Build

Download source code.

Download source code by using wget command, and so on.

$ wget

Unpack tgz file and go to source tree directory.

$ tar -xzvf arare5_current.tgz
$ cd arare5-YYYYMMDD

Setting of environment variable

Set an environment variable of a compiler.

$ export FC=(compiler name)


Move created directroy, and excute ` ./configure '.

Specify library files in Libraries needed for compile to following options.

netcdf library filename (*.a)
gtool5 library filename (*.a)
lapack library filename (*.a)
blas library filename (*.a)
using MPI

For exapmle, specify as follow. This command will generate .

$ ./configure \
   --with-netcdf=(netCDF library file) \	
   --with-gtool5=(gtool5 library file) \
   --with-lapack=(LAPACK library file) \
   --with-blas=(BLAS library file) 

If you use MPI, then,

$ ./configure \
   --with-netcdf=(netCDF library file) \	
   --with-gtool5=(gtool5 library file) \
   --with-lapack=(LAPACK library file) \
   --with-blas=(BLAS library file)  \

GNU make is needed to build, so configure automatically inquires into GNU make in PATH. However, it returns error when GNU make is not found. In that case, please set the GNU make command for environment variable MAKE . And rerun execute ` ./configure '

Debian packages

If using Debian package, please specify as follow.

$ export FC=gfortran
$ ./configure

Edit `'

A file ' ' in which elemental settings are written is created by above "configure". However, the settings may be insufficient by "configure" in some environments. In that case, edit ' ' manually according to need.

Followings are main items.

Fortran compiler
Flags needed for PreProcessor. If using MPI, CPPFLAGS = LIB_MPI.
Flags needed when compiled and linked (we recommend following option; pgfortran => -Kieee, ifort => -fp-model strict -prec-div).
Flags needed when linked
Libraries needed when linked
Directory where deepconv library, modules, executable files, and documentations are installed
GNU make command
Archive command
Flag of Archive command
Generate index to archive command


Execute "make" command at the top directory of source tree.

$ make 

Execute "make doc" at the top directory of source tree to build installation guide, code reference and tutorial.

$ make doc  


Execute "make clean" to remove binary files.

$ make clean

Execute "make doc" at the top directory of source tree to remove installation guide, code reference and tutorial.

$ make clean.doc

All of them and are removed by "make clean.all".

$ make clean.all