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[cvs-ml 10] RE: Graph機能

From: "Y.Yoshinaga" <yoshi@mail.club.or.jp>
Subject: [cvs-ml 6] Graph機能
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 02:14:22 +0900

  | UNIX + CVS 1.9という環境でrevisionツリーを表示してくれる
  | ツールはありませんかね?
  | (グラフィックじゃなくてテキストでグラフ表示でもいいから)


tkcvsでもrevision treeは表示できますね。

KOIE Hidetaka 鯉江英隆 <hide@koie.org>

This release understands magic branch tags.
I believe this is the only change necessary to say it supports CVS
(correct me if I forgot something).

It requires PERL, dot/graphviz, and filesystem-level repository access.

See its home page for example images and download:

Future versions will probably involve a code restructuring, allowing
multiple arguments, and an interface improvement for CVS users
(so you don't have to run it on the RCS file in the repository).
The future may hold a dope-ass interactive interface that lets you
click on revisions to perform VC operations.  Yeah, baby!

I'm not on the list.  E-mail me if you have any comments, or a
suggestion on how I can keep up with changes to CVS in under an
hour per week.
"Can't lose my name; it's on all my stationery!"--The Tick