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[cvs-ml 324] cvs-1.10.8 released


> あと、誰も書かないみたいなんですけど(見落としているだけかも)、
> cvs-1.10.8が出ているらしいです。まだ中身見てないんですが。

anonymous アクセスのパスワードを空にしたりできるみたいですね。

1.10.7 からの変更、ChangeLog からの抜粋:

1999-12-09  Larry Jones  <larry.jones@sdrc.com>

	* configure.in: Correctly handle systems that need both libsocket
	and libnsl.
	* configure: Regenerated.

1999-12-06  Larry Jones  <larry.jones@sdrc.com>

	* configure.in: Update to autoconf 2.13; use new AC_SEARCH_LIBS
	to handle getspnam, connect, gethostbyname, and crypt correctly;
	use new AC_FUNC_FNMATCH instead of doing it by hand.
	* configure: Regenerated with autoconf 2.13.

1999-12-06  Larry Jones  <larry.jones@sdrc.com>

	* INSTALL (Tested platforms): Update info.

1999-11-04  Jim Kingdon  <http://developer.redhat.com/>

	* README (Installation): Yet another prep.ai.mit.edu -> gnu.org
	change (can't believe we still haven't gotten them all).

1999-11-04  Karl Fogel  <kfogel@red-bean.com>

	* NEWS: added item about anon cvs no longer needing password.

1999-10-28  Larry Jones  <larry.jones@sdrc.com>

	* TESTS: Add note about not running as root.  Remove note about
	Solaris sort since sanity.sh was changed to avoid the problem.