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[cvs-ml 338] Fw: Released abCVS 0.5 alpha

WindowsのCodeWarrior Proのplug-inということです。

KOIE Hidetaka 鯉江英隆 <hide@koie.org>

Version 0.5 alpha of abCVS is available on


abCVS is a CVS version control plugin for the Win32 Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro.

Changes from previous release:

* Major re-writing in order to allow, in a future release, the implementation
  of the CVS client protocol without the use of cvs.exe.

* Implemented recursive version of "Tag".

* During recursive requests, the pathname of the subtree is now displayed
  relatively to the project root.

* Now all recursive requests include the "-R" option on the command line, in
  case "-R" have been overridden in the .cvsrc file.

* Fixed a problem with CR/LF conversion during "Difference" operations. This
  fix has also impact on "View" requests, whose output now follows the Dos
  conventions instead of Unix's.

* Fixed a bug that used "-kb" during advanced "Update" when the file was not

* The "Launch WinCVS" command has been removed. It may be re-introduced
  if users demands explicitly for it. A better solution is to add WinCVS as
  a custom menu item using standard IDE capabilities.

* Implemented ByteFlip in the panel, because the IDE was complaining (why?)

* Better control of the diagnostic log. Now there are three increasing levels
  of diagnostic output.Further information on the website.

Alberto Barbati