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[cvs-ml 402] Re: qcvs, pharmacy


WinCVS1.1b8 の WinCVS/Install というファイルには,なぜか,以下のような
------------------- 抜粋 -------------------
About qcvs

   qcvs is currently in his first stage of developement.

   This program is part of the CvsGui project, a set of cvs front-end
applications which use a native framework for each platform. More
informations can be found on the existing applications (MacCvs and WinCvs)
on the GvsGui main page http://www.wincvs.org.

   qcvs is not fully functional yet : Only the some dialogs are implemented so far.
But the whole thing is mostly there and the core of the application is working
(the three panes, the buttons, the cvs launching...).

   Finally qcvs is looking a lot like WinCvs.

Installing qcvs

   You need two tar archives ("XX" stands for the minor version number) :

   * qcvs-1.0XX.tar.gz : the source code of qcvs. qcvs requires
     qt-1.41 or higher (http://www.troll.no).
------------------- 抜粋 -------------------
現在,qcvs-1.0XX.tar.gz なんてファイルは get できないのですが,今後に

一方,pharmacy なんですが,開発が止まってしまっているようです.
"my doctors say I need to start eating and sleeping again. I have it writing."

う〜ん...健康には気をつけましょうということですか (;_;)
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