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Gt4f90io tutorial


This tutorial is a guidance to use fundamental subroutines and modules of gt4f90io. Before using gt4f90io following this tutorial, please install gt4f90io (see gt4f90io installation guide).

Date I/O interfaces

  1. Minimum setting for date I/O (JAPANESE only)
  2. Date I/O interface subroutine (JAPANESE only)
  3. Add attribute (JAPANESE only)
  4. Store data to multi data files (JAPANESE only)
  5. Load initial date from data files (JAPANESE only)
  6. How to use gt4f90io in Fortran77 programs? (JAPANESE only)

Fortran 90/95 general-purpose modules

  1. Type parameter specification
  2. Message dump
  3. CPU time counting
  4. Debug support
  5. Command line arguments interpretation


List of sample programs (JAPANESE only)

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