Gtool4 Library and Tools

Development and maintenance of "gtool4 Fortran90 Tools/Library" are already ended gtool5 is being developed and maintained as successor to gt4f90io.

About gtool4 Library and Tools

Gtool4 Fortran90 Tools/Library is an application of Gtool4 NetCDF Conventions. It consists of

  • Input/output and visualization library
  • Simple data analysis tools like averaging, gridwise addition or subtraction
  • Visualization tool using DCL library

The implementation of the tools/library is also a practical experiment of new features of Fortran 90. Its design is based on an object-oriented style using modules, derived types, and user-defined generic interfaces. We hope that it will be a helpful example for system programmers in Fortran 90 (or later).

Latest source (ver. 1.0 Release)

Old source (obsolescent)

About Citation

When you are going to publish a paper on a schientific/technological work using gtool4 Fortran90 Tools/Library, please refer it like following:

Toyoda, E., Ishiwatari, M., Takehiro, S., Hayashi, Y.-Y., gtool4 Devlopment Group, 2002: gtool4 Fortran90 Tools/Library,, GFD Dennou Club.