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Transition from gt4f90io

  1. Installation
  2. Usage


Installation is same as gt4f90io. See gtool5 Installation Guide for details.

Note that a default install destination is changed from "/usr/local/gt4f90io" to "/usr/local/gtool5".


About your Fortran programs

Names of some of modules are changed as follows along with transition from "gt4f90io" to "gtool5". However, you need not change your programs because old names are available in "gtool5".

Names of modules in "gt4f90io" Names of modules in "gtool5"
gt4f90io ->gtool5

Compilation of programs

gt4frt, gt4config are provided by "gt4f90io" for compilation of programs, and display of options for compilation. These are changed to gt5frt, gt5config in "gtool5".

A library name is changed from libgt4f90io.a to libgtool5.a, so if you specified a library name explicitly for complication, change the name.

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