Module RiDisplay
In: ri/ri_display.rb

This is a kind of ‘flag’ module. If you want to write your own ‘ri’ display module (perhaps because you‘r writing an IDE or somesuch beast), you simply write a class which implements the various ‘display’ methods in ‘DefaultDisplay’, and include the ‘RiDisplay’ module in that class.

To access your class from the command line, you can do

   ruby -r <your source file>  ../ri ....

If folks really want to do this from the command line, I‘ll build an option in


Public Class methods


    # File ri/ri_display.rb, line 22
22:   def RiDisplay.append_features(display_class)
23:     @@display_class = display_class
24:   end


    # File ri/ri_display.rb, line 26
26:   def*args)
28:   end